Why should your facility choose professional cleaning?

  1. Soft surfaces such as cubicle curtains are porous, and not cleanable by simply wiping.

  2. Evidence shows direct links to HAI's and cubicle curtains. 

  3. Cubicle curtains can also be a common source of cross contamination given that the operation of the curtain requires the hospital worker, or caregiver, to touch it with their hands.


  • Reduction of HAI's

  • Higher HCAHPS or Hospital CAHPS® score

  • Cleaning according to environmental services and infection control protocols helping your accreditation with JCAHO

  • Professionally cleaned curtains have a neater, more uniform appearance

  • Scheduled and managed service that helps determine when your curtains need cleaned, repaired, or replaced

  • Inventory tracking and barcoding with our Accord Curtains Tracking Software

  • Optional replacement curtains while your curtains are being cleaned


Our facility is equipped with commercial equipment designed specifically to clean, sanitize, and steam press your hospital cubicle curtains. We have an experienced and professional staff that knows how to process your curtains and get them back to you clean, safe, and fast ... utilizing our Accord Curtains Tracking Software to help maintain your cleaning records.