Does your facility need reliable and regular curtain cleaning?


We take down, clean, and rehang your privacy curtains - putting your curtain cleaning on auto-pilot based on the schedule that you choose. This scheduled, routine cleaning takes the workload and the responsibility off your staff.

We track the cleaning of your curtains so you don't have to

  • Curtains are taken down and replaced with your clean curtains, or our clean spare curtains. 

  • We make minor fixes to tracks and hooks if needed.

  • Your curtains are barcoded with our Accord Curtains Tracking Software to enhance quality assurance and provide tracking information. With our Accord Curtains Tracking Software, each of your curtains is barcoded and every action is stamped with the date, time, employee, and exact location right down to the room number. You have cloud-based, real-time reports for every curtain, every floor, and every room via ACTS.

  • Your curtains are rehung, clean, pressed, and sanitized, usually within a few days.