OUR solutions

Are you concerned your curtains aren't cleaned frequently enough? Interested in routine, scheduled cleaning? Cleaning after isolation discharges, Replacement curtains? Real-time, cloud-based management and tracking of your curtains? Let us help you create a tailored solution that fits your unique needs.

Our process

At Accord Curtains, we provide cleaning, tracking, and management for all of your hosptial privacy curtains. Our trained installers arrive at your facility, take down your curtains, and install our spare curtains. A few days later your curtains are reinstalled, professionally pressed and sanitized.

How we can help

  • Do you know when your privacy curtains were last cleaned?
  • Are you frustrated with staying on top of the curtains at your hospital?
  • Are you looking for a real-time, cloud-based solution for managing and tracking your hospital cubicle curtains?
  • Are you concerned your curtains might be contributing to HAIs? 
  • Are you doing everything you can to achieve, or maintain, accreditation with JCAHO?
  • Are you looking to improve your patient experience and increase you HCAPS, Press Ganey, NRC Picker or other patient satisfaction scores?